Appetite Is Different Than Hunger!


Did you ever wonder why it’s so easy to put on weight? It often seems as if the deck is stacked against you? Actually, that’s closer to the truth than might think.

The fact is we all need food to provide our bodies with fuel. We use the nutrients from food to provide power for our movement and the metabolism that keeps our body’s internal functions running normally.

Hunger is a natural response within the body that is triggered by the release of certain hormones in the brain. It tells the rest of the body that it better get some food soon, otherwise you might start to lose energy.

Appetite Is Different Than Hunger

Appetite is different than hunger. It is related to the type and quantity of the nutrients that the body needs. For example, some pregnant women have unusual cravings such as pickles and ice cream, or even, in some instances, crave. These cravings are the body’s way of telling itself that it needs particular types of nutrients that can be found in the foods that are being craved.

When we eat, most of the food can be separated into different categories of nutrients. The primary ones are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. There also are all sorts of essential and non-essential nutrients that the body needs to function normally, including vitamins, minerals and others.

The standard diet contains more carbohydrates than anything else. These are found in starchy vegetables like potatoes and beets, in white flours and processed grains; and especially in junk food and heavily processed foods.

During digestion, these carbs are converted into glucose and burned almost immediately by the body as fuel. What’s not burned right away is often stored as fat cells. These are a type of back up fuel supply for the body in case it needs it later.

Unfortunately, because most people get so many carbs in their diet, they never need these fat reserves. So they just end up getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Exercise will Help

Exercise will help. But working out still will only burn the calories that come from carbs first before it moves on to your fat reserves. And if you keep eating more and more carbs, well, you may never get to the fat. In fact, it could keep increasing until the amount of fat you carry affects your overall health.

But now there’s a different approach to weight loss. It’s one that not only attacks your fat reserves and burns them as fuel, but uses your body’s own natural metabolism in order to do it.

Fat Destroyer System

It’s called the Fat Destroyer System and it’s based on the fast, effective way to burn fat that has been used by professional bodybuilders and elite athletes for many years. Now I have adapted it so that anybody can use it, regardless of their current physical condition.

The Fat Destroyer System is safe, fast and effective. Best of all, it doesn’t just cause you to lose weight. It also causes you to lose fat, which is much harder but also a more permanent solution to achieving optimal fitness.

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