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How to Lose Weight in 14 Days Without Exercise

Burn Fat In Just 14 Days

With so many weight loss plans out there, how can you tell if you’ve chosen the right one? You can take pills, buy books and plans even have surgery to look better than you do now, but most of these options usually come with some sort of drawback. For example, if you take diet pills you probably will gain back all the weight you lost the moment you stop. And if you have liposuction or other surgical procedures to remove your fat, not only will you have a long and painful recovery, but you’ve done nothing to eliminate the underlying cause that made you fat in the first place.

There are even diets that promise to help you lose weight in as little as three day. But when you complete a three-day diet, what happens next? Will that have any effect on the rest of your life? No.

Then there are fad diets. For example, I recently saw one diet that required you eat grapefruits with every meal. How many grapefruits can one person eat? And don’t they go out of season? Help!

None of these things – fad diets, surgery, pills or any of the other countless weight loss plans you will find out there – do anything about what’s actually making you overweight in the first place. And, because they all focus on reducing your weight rather than eliminating your fat, you almost always will end up at least as heavy as you were, if not heavier, a few weeks or months after you abandon the weight loss plan.

Fat Destroyer System

That’s the starting point I used to design my new fat burn system. It’s called the Fat Destroyer System and it’s based on a kind of diet modification program that has been used by professional bodybuilders and elite athletes for many years.

My Fat Destroyer System is different than any other weight loss plan you have ever encountered for two reasons.

First, it is focused on using your body’s own natural metabolism to burn fat for fuel, rather than calories. By changing the types of foods you eat, how often you eat and even the way you eat, you can stop burning empty carbs and other calories and start using fat to fuel your body’s metabolic function.

Second, unlike most other weight loss plans you will encounter, the Fat Destroyer System gives you results very, very quickly. It is based on the cold, hard facts of the science of human physiology. So regardless of where you are starting from physically, you can lose weight by burning fat cells to fuel your body’s natural metabolism.

In as little as the first 14 days of following the Fat Destroyer System, you can lose as much as 10 to 20 pounds of weight and 4 to 7 pounds of fat. That’s a lot of fat!

Plus, the Fat Destroyer System is designed so you can start it and stop it whenever you like until you achieve your long-term fitness goals. It includes built-in free meals, refeeds and full diet breaks so you can optimize your weight loss and keep your metabolism running faster all the time.

If you’re tired of all the empty weight loss promises out there, check out the one fat-burning system that is scientifically proven to work:  The Fat Destroyer System.


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